Shaly Vijayan

Over the course of her long and illustrious career as a performer and teacher, Shaly has had the opportunity to perform in a range of festivals and performances both as a solo artiste as well as in groups and in dance dramas (with the renowned Kalakshetra Repertory).
She has performed at a range of prestigious venues all over India including The Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha and Krishna Gana Sabha in Chennai, the NCPA and Shanmukhananda Hall in Mumbai, Kamani Auditorium and Sangeet Natak Akademi in New Delhi as well as Chowdaiya Hall and Rangashankara in Bangalore in addition to major venues in Japan, the United States, Canada, Russia, Great Britain, continental Europe, China and Sri Lanka. She has also performed at high-profile festivals organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Indo-Japan Tagore Society and numerous esteemed institutions around the world.

Her recent performances at Kalakshetra's monthly festival; ISKCON's Brahmotsav Festival in Bangalore; the International Crafts Festival in Malappuram organised by the Kerala Tourism Department; and at Sadhana, a festival organised by Sri Swati Tirunal College, Thiruvananthapuram, have won widespread acclaim.
Over the years, Shaly has also worked with some of the most prestigious names in the world of culture and her collaborations have been greeted with enthusiasm by critics and rasikas alike.
In addition to essaying some of the most challenging roles in Smt. Rukmini Devi’s dance drama productions, she has also staged her own productions, including Kamba Ramayanam and Krishnavataram, to much praise.

She is also invited regularly to give lecture-demonstrations both in India and abroad.

Enclosed are reviews of her performances as solo performer and with kalakshetra.

Selected Programmes in India
•    Nada Neeranjanam Festival at Tirupati- 2012
•    Mudra Festival in Thiruvananthapuram- 2012
•    ISKCON's Brahmotsav Festival, Bangalore 2012
•    The International Crafts Festival in Malappuram, Kerala - 2011
•    Sadhana, a festival organised by Sri Swati Tirunal College- 2012
•    Kalakshetra's monthly festival- 2011 
•    Regatta cultural society festival-2009
•    Dasyam Swathi Nriththothsavam-2008
•    Rotary club – Chennai- 2006
•    Music academy- Chennai -2005
•    Annual memorial for bharathiyar- narada gana sabha- Chennai- 2005
•    Nadainbam- Chennai- 2003,2004,2005
•    Natyarangam- Chennai- 2002
•    Ugadi festival- 2000
•    Dweep mahatsav- Andaman nicobar island- 1998
•    Kerala fine arts society- Ernakulam- 1993
•    Doordarshan – tiruvananthapuram- 1992/1995
•    Koorg – Karnataka- 1987

Foreign tours
•    New York – nupura dance academy- solo performance- 2009
•    Florida- workshop and programme- 2009
•    Indianapolis (USA)- solo programme- 2009
•    Sanjose (USA)- Master class and performance
•    UCI – university of California- spring festival performance-2008
•    New Jersy (USA) – workshop- teachers 2007-2009
•    Asian heritage celebration (USA) – 2007
•    UCI- school of arts( Irvine)- lecture demonstration on Basics, Abhinaya and Talam- 2007
•    Himalayan fair- solo- 2007
•    Srilanka with kalakshetra- 2001
•    Indo-japan tagore society- 2000
•    USSR, with kalakshetra – 1997
•    Sankalpam dance company- 1997 
•    London- sankalpam dance company- 1984
•    China & Hong kong, with kalakshetra -1984